Crater Maker Arcade Classic

Crater Maker was designed with a sense of nostalgia, the primary goal being to have a game that was easy to learn but difficult to master. It utilizes flat-shaded graphics for a retro look, plus mixes in some modern post effects to keep things fresh. I am part of a small team (one artist, one other programmer) working on the project, and have worked on every aspect of development. I created realistic gravity physics for each planet, allowing for multiple planetary bodies to affect the player's ship. Also, all environmental objects (planets, space stations, etc) are generated procedurally, including each of their individual properties.

Want to see its current progress? Have a look at the Desura page or its home page for up-to-date images and video.

Crater Maker


OverDrift Arcade Racing

Overdrift was created as an initial prototype "show and tell" for a simple drift racing game. I created the car physics, drift mechanics, and desktop controls and there is also a leaderboard backend for tracking the best times as well as ghost replays. Overdrift was created in under a week! Download the Windows demo and try for yourself here.


Eclipse: Avalon's Gate RTS

A hybrid of a space RTS and tower defense game, I created a custom pathfinding and avoidance system for the client, as well as other basic AI aspects. Check out their Facebook page for pictures and video.

Barista Blast

Barista Blast Time Management

Barista Blast puts you in the position of an up-and-coming coffee shop barista, mixing drinks and managing your time between customers. When you've earned enough money you can upgrade your shop or buy an entirely new one! I created some of the background programming, such as basic pathfinding and scoring. Their website is available here with more details.


Pandemic Survival

The goal with Pandemic (working title) is to create a survival game with real consequences, plus offer players the chance to build upon their environment for protection. Features multiplayer to allow you to build cities with other players for trade, protection, or anything else you could think of.